Inspiration for my paintings

The inspiration for my paintings is derived from many sources.  My son’s childhood toys hold many special memories and give me motivation for my designs.  These motivate me to paint pictures that reflect the joy of childhood and evokes the innocence and magic of such a wonderful time. 

I have always loved nature and I try to reflect this in my paintings.  Flowers, trees and leaves are incorporated in the designs.  I like to capture the beauty and colours of the natural world. I usually entwine leaves and flowers around the picture in order to form a natural border that unites the composition.

When I was a small child I lived in a rural village and later my parents moved to a small seaside town.  I grew up with a love of the countryside.  I used to go for walks with my mother down beautiful green leafy lanes, we would often call in at the local farm. On our walks she would tell me the names of the wild flowers, the trees and the birds.  There was a field nearby where beautiful shire horses grazed.  These gentle giants were reminiscent of a bygone age.

Animals are another passion of mine.  I donate to an animal charity and because I am so concerned about the plight of Orangutans, I have adopted one of these very special animals.  Some of the animals I paint are endangered, I paint moon bears, pigmy elephants, tigers and pangolins.  I love little pangolins, they are so very endangered.  They are sweet little animals and the mother carriers her young on her tail. Animals enhance the world and make it a better place.

I find art deco and art nouveau designs inspirational. I love the entwined flowers and leaves and the free-flowing curve of art nouveau.  This contrasts with the streamlined geometrical style of art deco. Both styles use flowers and leaves to create wonderful artwork.  I also like Celtic design, the intricate patterns and the formation of the finished piece of work is amazing.  Celtic designs have been passed down through the centuries and I like the link with the past.

Pretty Bows.   I have a very special reason for including bows on so many of my paintings.  I also have a bow as my logo.  The reason for this is because I have always loved bows and the way they are represented in art.  They are an ancient symbol of unity, ties that bind you and a symbol of beauty. My mother often made her own dresses and she would embroider beautiful bows on them.  She also embroidered bows on the dresses she made for me when I was a child. I am indeed a child of the 50s, a time when mothers made, and often knitted many of their children’s clothes. For me the bow also represents nostalgia for a bygone time.