About Ann Marie

Ann at work on a beautiful bespoke gift for someone's loved one

Hello… ...and welcome to my gallery of paintings. I hope you enjoy looking at my original designs. I have decided to change career path and, as I have always been passionate about art, the obvious choice was to draw and paint. I have produced a series of bespoke, original designs that are suitable for a truly unique gift or simply to have in your home.

Childhood Inspiriations

Some of the inspirations for my designs come from my son’s childhood toys. These much-loved teddies, cars, boats and trains have been the models for many of my paintings. My own childhood toys have also been immortalised in some of the designs the paintings are reminiscent of sunny, happy days and evoke memories of the joy of childhood. I particularly love pretty bows. They are an ancient symbol of unity (the ties that bind) and beauty. My mother made her own dresses and would embroider beautiful bows on them.


Art Deco Wedding - an ideal painting for a wedding gift or wedding anniversary giftI have always been fascinated by design, ranging from ancient to modern. This includes Celtic and Art Deco. One of my wedding pictures reflects my love of Art Deco. The intricacy of these Floral Lovespoon - a romantic artwork gift for a girlfriend or wife, or for a wedding gift or wedding anniversary giftdesigns is legendary. My paintings of Love Spoons have Celtic characteristics. The history by the lovespoon may be traced over the centuries. LoveSpoons were carved by a suitor and given to their bride as a token of undying love - truly a romantic gift!


Nature and Conservation

Happy Moon Bear and friends is the perfect gift for someone who is passionate about conservationI love the beauty and diversity of nature. Flowers, butterflies, bees and animals enhance many of my pictures. I am passionate about conservation and support wildlife charities. The plight of many endangered animals inspired me to paint a picture of some very endangered species: a moon bear, an elephant, a baby tiger cub and a little Penguin.


Building Community

Art can help people, too. On an art project for adults with disabilities, I voluntarily gave my time to help the group access art in a new way. This was a very rewarding experience which I really enjoyed.gouache paint

Paint (Gouache-water colour) 


The Paint
I use the best designer quality gouache to paint the pictures. Gouache is an opaque watercolor medium that originates in France and is centuries old. Gouache has a vibrant luminous quality that gives depth and radiance to the pictures.
My interest in design has let me explore the ancient craft of calligraphy. This fascinating art spans the centuries and its origins are firmly in the ancient world. I use two styles of calligraphy in order to personalize names, dates and messages. The Styles are Uncial and Foundational. Any picture may be personalized to your individual specification; this makes the pictures a truly unique gift to treasure.

Foundational calligraphy - personalise any painting to create a unique gift for your loved oneUncial calligraphy - personalise any painting to create a unique gift for your loved one



I hope you enjoy my paintings and that they bring you pleasure.













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